One month

Almost exactly a year ago, we started our new adventure, by returning to the place where it all started  – beautiful Bangladesh. This time with an assignment from Danone Communities to do a photo and graphic video report of the social business Grameen Danone Foods Limited, and to consult the marketing team to  prepare for the launch of a new product.

It felt good to be back, seeing the GDFL team and old friends again, witnessing the progress of the project and the increased social impact it had.

We had almost forgotten about the heat and chaos, and the big discrepancy between the concrete jungle of Dhaka and the lush green countryside.

The way work needed to be totally adapted to the local conditions, and we needed to be practical and resourceful to achieve the results we wanted. It was a great challenge and a fun way of working, but it also needed a huge level of professionalism.

The three weeks passed with unexpected speed, the days filled with work and deadlines, but there were also adventures and stories told.

Soon it was time to return home, equipped with inspiring stories of the social businesses that are supported by Danone Communities, and with the amazing experience of creating new captions with the marketing team of Grameen Danone Foods Limited.

See some snippets of the Grameen Danone stories here.