A Winter Day

It was a cold December day when we have boarded a train in the early morning, destination – Nantes. There is an obvious question off course: why Nantes in winter? Isn’t it nicer in summer?
Well, yes I guess but for us also this winter day in Nantes was nice since we were visiting local Malin project. The objective of our visit was to do a photo reportage of the workshop and to visit kindergarten with which Malin project is cooperating.

Programme Malin was born to improve nutrition of French children under age three whose families are struggling with social and/or economic challenges.Every year, an estimated 160,000 French children are born below the poverty line.

First stop – the workshop. It is not easy to take photos of adults, to make them at ease with the camera. Well Sandro managed and we got some great shots.
Next stop – the kindergarten. A bunch of cute dwarfs who were at first not really sure they want to play with the guy behind a camera. They were in complete control of the moment.

After a looong few minutes of assessing the guy behind a camera the army of small humans decided that this is fun and that the bearded guy behind of the camera is fun also. Since this moment on the work was pure joy and the reportage came our great.
In the end of the day I must admit that we were tiered but full of positive energy. Ready for the train back to Paris and eager to see the outcome of the day.